Food Fight To Turn Back Climate Change

Make beef out of plants instead of cows and you can begin to save the planet. That's what inspired award-winning scientist Patrick Brown to leave his professorship at [...]

Driving Discovery and Disruption – Anne Wojcicki (23andMe)

Anne Wojcicki, co-founder and CEO of the popular DNA-testing company 23andMe, discusses how providing people with their own genetic data empowers consumers to make better [...]

Entrepreneurs Keep Pushing – Amy Chang (Accompany)

Amy Chang had accomplished a lot in her eight years at Google, helping launch and then lead Google Analytics to 70 percent market share. But then she left to launch her own [...]

Making Technology Less Manipulative – Tristan Harris (Time Well Spent)

How good are you at limiting your screen time? Because of the way humans evolved, our brains are no match for the engineers, designers and companies that collectively create [...]

Embrace Your Otherness – Catherine Berman (CNote)

Industry disruptors, it stands to reason, tend to be outsiders. But how comfortable are you not being an outlier? Serial entrepreneur Catherine Berman shares her story of [...]

Empower People with Information – Rich Barton (Zillow Group)

There was a time, not long ago, when information we desperately wanted wasn’t at our fingertips. What’s the best deal on flights to New York? How much does that home down [...]

How to Outwit Workplace Jerks – Bob Sutton (Stanford)

Even as adults, we still have to deal with bullies, at work and otherwise. Stanford Professor Bob Sutton has devoted his career to studying organizational behavior and [...]

The Rewards of Taking Risks – Sandy Jen (Honor)

Entrepreneur Sandy Jen has lived with self-doubt and insecurities throughout her life: in college, at her first startup, and later as a working mother. But facing the risks [...]

ETL Takeover: A Taste of FRICTION – Bob Sutton, Patty McCord (STVP)

This special episode gives you a taste of eCorner's new podcast for the summer, FRICTION. Stanford Engineering Professor Bob Sutton interviews acclaimed leadership consultant [...]

The Ethics of Innovation – Toni Townes-Whitley (Microsoft)

How often do entrepreneurs and corporate leaders think about issues like fairness, accessibility or unseen biases in the technologies they invent and advance? That’s the [...]
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